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A resident of Upper Marlboro, MD, Desiree Madden has always enjoyed writing. Whether it be poems, plays, or short stories she takes every opportunity given, to advance her knowledge of creative writing. After debuting her first short story, Forget Me Not, she also published her second entitled One Day With A Stranger, and has now finished her third short story, The Promises We Keep. She is excited about the decut of her first novel, If You Only Knew.

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If You Only Knew

Death doesn’t normally bring a smile to one’s face, but for Michelle, Aunt Hazel’s death is anything but normal. Having every intention of skipping the funeral, Michelle finds herself thrust into whirlwind of family drama as she makes her way home due to scary and unfortunate turn of events.

On her way home Michelle is forced to ask the one question she has avoided since her childhood; ‘Why did Aunt Hazel hate her?’ As plans are made, secrets come out, causing her to question all that she ever knew about her family and herself.

With her desire to back out of the funeral planning growing, she can’t help but notice her family’s mysterious behavior. Everyone seems to be looking for something of Aunt Hazel’s, but what? With family members coming out the woodwork, and Aunt Hazel’s belongings suddenly missing, Michelle quickly realizes that there is much more to her aunt’s life than she ever imagined.


This is a great read. I wish I could give it 10 stars! I can't wait to read the next book.

This short story had a genuine style. I felt as if the author was talking with me. There was a lovely touch of poignancy and intrigue. I would highly recommend this story.