D. Madden


If You Only Knew

Death doesn’t normally bring a smile to one’s face, but for Michelle, Aunt Hazel’s death is anything but normal. Having every intention of skipping the funeral, Michelle finds herself thrust into whirlwind of family drama as she makes her way home due to scary and unfortunate turn of events.

On her way home Michelle is forced to ask the one question she has avoided since her childhood; ‘Why did Aunt Hazel hate her?’ As plans are made, secrets come out, causing her to question all that she ever knew about her family and herself.

With her desire to back out of the funeral planning growing, she can’t help but notice her family’s mysterious behavior. Everyone seems to be looking for something of Aunt Hazel’s, but what? With family members coming out the woodwork, and Aunt Hazel’s belongings suddenly missing, Michelle quickly realizes that there is much more to her aunt’s life than she ever imagined.

Who Cares What I Wear?

Why are you wearing that? Don’t you think you should change? Is that what you’re wearing? How many times have we heard these questions about our clothing? From mothers to aunties and even total strangers, we have heard these things said to us. But what does it really mean? As women of God we are called to a higher standard but when most women hear the word modesty, it is usually met with a frown or a frustrated sigh. But what if I told you that modesty goes a lot deeper than you think? I can assure you, the idea of dresses and hemlines doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what modesty really is. In this book, we will explore the real meaning of modesty and why so many of us have gotten it wrong. As you read this book, give yourself the opportunity to explore this subject deeper and allow God to do a mighty work in you.



Making it to the altar in one piece is the farthest thing from Nicole’s mind with her wedding falling apart at the seams. With only a few hours until she says ‘I do’ a disastrous wedding becomes the least of her problems. Can everything in your life change in only a few hours? What if those hours happen to be right before you walk down the aisle? Nothing could prepare her for the roller coaster ride that she faces in Forget Me Not.


Serita Johnson thought this day would be just like all the rest, but meeting a stranger changed everything. From the moment she saw Thomas she knew something was different about him, but after spending one day with him she found that there was much more to him than she realized. Serita’s life takes unexpected turns when she spends One Day With A Stranger.



Sara wasn’t expecting much from volunteering at a nursing home but when she met Abigail all that changed. A simple promise to visit may seem easy to keep but when that promise leads to shocking discoveries, Sara isn’t sure just how far she’s willing to go for Abigail. The whirlwind that follows leaves Sara wondering if she should listen to the words of an old woman or stay quiet in, The Promises We Keep.